Stages in Slot Gambling Account Deposit Transactions

Stages in Slot Gambling Account Deposit Transactions – In playing online slot gambling games, a deposit transaction is an initial transaction that you need to make to top up your account funds. The name is playing online gambling, of course we need to make a capital deposit. Likewise with online slot gambling games that we will discuss this time, of course we have to deposit online slots first before we can play.

For bettors who are still beginners, of course there will be confusion when they want to play online slot gambling, right? Starting from how to get an account and have a capital balance to play. For that we are here to share how to make a deposit, so you can immediately start playing slots after creating an account. And how to create an online slot gambling account, you can read in our other articles. So on this occasion we will only share how to make a deposit, so you can get capital to play, and win online slot games easily. And for a guide on how to deposit the online slot, you can immediately see the discussion below

Login to Site

The first step is to enter the site you want to play using the account you created earlier. To login you can visit the site and enter the user id and password of the account you have on the login panel of the site.

Click the Deposit menu

If you have entered the slot gacor sering kasih jackpot agent site, the next step is to click on the deposit menu on the site page. Usually this deposit menu is in the upper right corner of the chart, close to your username. Then you click the transaction menu and select the deposit menu.

Register Agent Bank Account

If you want to make a deposit using mobile banking or internet banking, you can first register an agent’s account number. You can see this account number on the deposit form that appears after you click on the deposit menu earlier. Or you can ask directly to the available live chat admin.

Transfer Money You Want to Play

If you have registered the slot agent account, then you can transfer the amount of money you want to play into the account earlier. It is recommended for beginners, to make a minimum deposit first.

Fill in the Deposit Form

After making the next transfer, you fill in the deposit form that appears after you click on the deposit menu earlier. Fill in all the fields according to the data you have. Starting from the account number you use, your user id, and the nominal you transferred earlier.

Confirm to Admin

And the last step, you just have to confirm the live chat admin of the site. Tell the admin you want to deposit and provide the username of your id and the amount you deposit. Also say that you have filled out the deposit form. And wait a few moments 3-5 minutes, later your account will enter the deposit balance.

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