Maintaining Nutrition in Cock Fighting

Maintaining Nutrition in Cock Fighting

Maintaining Nutrition in Cock Fighting – To get the best quality fighting cocks, of course the bettor must pay attention to the nutrition that will be given to the chicken so that the nutrients are fulfilled.

You must be very familiar with sprouts or what is commonly referred to as bean sprouts. Even though it looks small, sprouts are one of the vegetables that are very rich in benefits that are in it. Including fighting cock lovers, you really have to be able to maintain nutrition. From fighting cocks by giving your favorite fighting cocks to consume sprouts.

Ingredients in Sprouts

The main benefit of sprouts for consumption by fighting chickens. It is to increase passion in the mating process so that they can maintain nutrition in fighting chickens, especially from the Bangkok rooster breed. There are two types of sprouts or bean sprouts that are generally very well known, namely green bean sprouts and soybean sprouts. So the two types of sprouts have each of the benefits contained therein.

Types of Sprouts That Have Different Selling Value

Apart from the origin being seeds, there are indeed two types of sprouts that look like regular sprouts. Where from the seeds are slightly smaller and while the stems and roots have grown a little. From the two types of sprouts, the buds can be seen from the fairly expanded seed pods. And from the gap in the seed, there are indeed a few stems that have started sticking out. When compared to ordinary sprouts, this type of bud is a slightly higher selling price than ordinary sprouts.

The Fertility Symbol Is A Special Icon For Toge

The skin of sprouts like this is especially for the Bangkok fighting chicken breeders. Very many use it as a substitute for feed for their favorite Bangkok fighting chickens. The skin of the bean sprouts is very efficacious in increasing the passion of Bangkok’s fighting cocks. other than just as food for the Bangkok fighting cocks. The content of protein and fiber in green bean skins like this is also very high. This can encourage a passion that the rooster has after making the marriage. From a hereditary tradition, this vegetable has been recognized and has also become an iconic symbol of fertility.

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Vitamins in Sprouts

1. The Content of Vitamin B in Sprouts

When compared to the seeds, sprouts certainly have levels of Vitamin B of which are three times more beneficial. This is due to the provision in which the sprouts help the digestive system to glucose, which is a very useful process. In forming nerve cells in the fertility organs in the sperm in the body.

2. Vitamin C In Sprouts

Not only does it have B vitamins, it contains Vitamin C too. Can increase up to 15mg of the 100 grams contained in these sprouts. Vitamin C also plays an important role in maintaining the fertility system in Bangkok rooster cocks. Lack of Vitamin C also causes sperm cells to become more sticky and interfere with the fertilization system or in other words the possibility of fertilization failure in female fetuses is higher.

3. Vitamin E In Sprouts

When compared to seeds, sprouts contain Vitamin E which can also help increase metabolism in the body up to 662mg per hundred grams of the sprouts. Vitamin E which also contains high enough antioxidants will be very able to protect sperm cells. There has been damage caused by free radicals. The method of giving sprouts can also be done by mixing it in the Bangkok fighting chicken feed that will be given. Or you can also give it directly with a very routine, at least twice a week.…